School Mission Statement

Inculcating self-study habits with involvement in sports and extra-curricular activities so that the child develops a self-reliant and all round personality

Welcome to Indian Model School CBSE

Secretary's Message

Mr. Amol A. Joshi

Dear Parents,
Indian Model School was started as a dream – a dream envisioned by a group of Founder
Members, aspiring towards a liberal secular education for the children in the city.
IMS is a school with a large vision. Education at IMS goes beyond the letters in the page of a
textbook, and students emerge as confident young individuals, ready to face the challenges of the
21st century. We inspire our students to question and learn by doing, we give them the skills,
courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their own dreams. In doing so, our students develop
into young and creative adults who pursue interesting and challenging careers.
Learning takes many forms at IMS. Each student achieves his or her own potential in the
classroom, the stage, gymnasium, art room and sports field. Inspite of being just a school, there
are several opportunities for each individual to explore their unique talents. We encourage all our
students to persevere, participate and take responsibility for their own development. Through the
years at IMS our students are happy to come to school, as each day is an adventure, with
something new and exciting to engage them.
Our excellent results at the CBSE & STATE Board examinations are a testimony to the
excellence of the teaching staff of a high caliber which strive to create a challenging learning
environment. This helps our students get a good grounding for their further education.
Indian Model School is a three-way partnership in which our parents are a tremendous support.
They participate in ensuring that the school continues with the philosophy represented in our
constitution. Parents are caretakers of the school for future generations. This makes us a unique
school since we create a community of people who are interested in high quality education. This
is a very supportive community where we care about each other and try to make a difference to
our own world, and the world at large.

IMS ULWE Management

Shree Shikshan Pratishthan

Mr. Amol A. Joshi

Shree Shikshan Pratishthan

Mrs. Sayali Joshi

Shree Shikshan Pratishthan

Mr. Vikas Koli

Shree Shikshan Pratishthan

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