Achieving Excellence. Instilling Values.
21 Years in Education.

At IMS Ulwe, the best CBSE school in Ulwe, we are proud of what we offer to our students. To ensure that every decision we make as a team is focused on a common end, we have developed a strategic plan that allows us to weigh every decision against that goal.
The School is recognised by the CBSE Board, New Delhi.
On the surface, our School is like most other well-established privately managed co-educational schools with its fine complex of buildings and learning facilities. However, it has a peculiar quality, which makes it very special to the students and the teachers and aspiring parents who seek admission for their children.
Indian Model Group, for the last 21 years, has been known in educational circles for the innovative ideas and practices it has introduced into the educational process, which now forms a part of the curriculum in many progressive schools.

Our Vision

At Indian Model School, the best school in Ulwe, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience.

Make him/her self-reliant and independent.


Help each child to develop attributes and qualities for an all-round education.

Be Social

Instilling social values and making them compassionate and responsible future global citizens.


Instilling brotherhood and peace

Our Mission

To create an environment for academic excellence with holistic growth and a culture of truth, sharing and caring for others.

Inculcating self-study habits with involvement in sports and extra-curricular activities so that the child develops a self-reliant and all round personality.

Our Beliefs

  •  We subscribe that the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate a lifelong passion for learning in each student.
  •  We believe that each student’s potential needs to be unleashed and explored through a challenging and varied curriculum.
  • Students learn best in a respectful, supportive community of trust where each student’s learning needs and abilities are understood and accommodated as fully as possible.

Our Values

Integrity and Compassion

Our Unique Features

Management of Covid-19 in Children
by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare