Infrastructure & Facilities

The area of the school campus is 2 acres, and 3999.58sq.m. The built-up area is 3243.77sq.m. The area of  layground is 3999.54sq.m.

The school takes adequate precautions to ensure hygiene and safety of the students. The school building ramp at the entrance to facilitate the CWSN students.


E-library is provided to students which have e-books, encyclopedias, e – newspapers, e-magazines and audio-visual books. The students can also access these from the website.

E-learning classroom :

It has been at up to add a new dimension to conventional pedagogy through a 3-D ambience. It helps students to visualize complex concepts.

Special educator, Counselor and Wellness Room :

The wellness room has all the facilities prescribed by the board.  A counselor and special educator is available for the students.

Activity Room :  

The school has an activity room to promote arts such as drawing, craft, dance, etc.

Sports Room :

The school also has a well-equipped room with all the sports equipment and games to inculcate the spirit of sports in the children.

The School fee is fixed by the PTA as per Fee Regulation Act 2011

Std. Fee Structure
Nursery to UKG Tution Fee –     Rs 39000/-

Term Fee   –     Rs 6000/-

Total         –       Rs 45000/-

I to IV Tution Fee –     Rs 49800/-

Term Fee   –      Rs 8200/-

Total         –        Rs 58000/-

V to VIII Tution Fee –      Rs 49800/-

Term Fee   –      Rs 8200/-

Total         –        Rs 58000/-