The school has an annual development plan for all aspects related to a school. The principal understands new curricular practices and applies them in the school. Teachers have term-wise academic plans. They are conversant with effective and innovative pedagogical practices and use them for effective teaching students are assessed in varied forms to attain learning outcomes and regular feedback is given to students and parents. School conducts student enrichment activities to develop various skills and competencies. School also promotes health and wellness among students. The school has provisions for regular professional development of teachers through various training programs, as per teachers training guidelines and recommendation with SCERT, NCERT, Diksha, E.O. The teachers are trained to upgrade their teaching skills using various methods and concepts such as Art Integration, Competency Based Education and Experiential Learning and many more .

  • No School bags
  • Weekly tests for all subjects
  • Personal extra teaching classes on Saturday
  • Activity classes
  • Art integrated periods
  • Word building and writing skills periods
  • Sports periods
  • Daily tutorials
  • Parent teacher personal meetings on Saturday
  • Principals meeting with parents.



Reopening of the school in 2nd fourth-night of the month.
Known my school. Known my teachers and subjects. Known my friends and class-mates.
Seed plantation, watering the plants, loosening the soil, observing the sapling.
Celebrating Ashadhi Ekadashi: Dindi programme & story/shlok competition.
Dahi handi programme & Market view activity
Ganesh procession
Grand parents day
Fancy dress competition
Fort making activity
Petrol pump visit
Post card activity, Postman activity carnival
Annual Social gathering
Hurda party
Sports week
Our helper activity
Clay activity
Puppet show
Quiz competition

Every Monday:  Festival of the week activity.
Every Wednesday: – Value education activity.