Infrastructure - IMS Ulwe


Infrastructure & Facilities

The three storied school building and vast playground of about 4000 is available with games equipment for students. The premises is under CCTV surveillance, with well-maintained water sanitation facility and all essential safety measures.

CLASSROOMS are well-ventilated & spacious with double seating benches.

COMPOSITE SCIENCE LAB is well equipped and suitably designed to nurture scientific temperament in the students.

An advanced & well-furnished COMPUTER LAB is set up for students of standard III onwards.

The SCHOOL LIBRARY consists of 2000+ books including travelogues, biographies, encyclopedias, fables & folktales, fiction and non-fiction books, chronicles and others.

The school AUDITORIUM is equipped with the latest multimedia technology to serve students for not only their performances but also to utilize it for conducting various training and educational programmes.

E-LEARNING CLASSROOM for usage of audio-visual aid to make learning experience more effective & dynamic.

RO WATER PURIFIER plant is set up to provide water to the students.